Social Services


Project Hope

Assisted in the reconstruction and restoration efforts in affected areas after the 921 Earthquake. Donated 10,000 tons of H-beam steel for use in reconstruction projects within affected areas. In addition, provided free structural design services for the reconstruction of elementary and middle schools upon request, as part of the construction of all-steel frame elementary and middle school buildings.



Promotion of art and culture

In order to promote art and culture, in 2012 the company established the Tung Ho Steel Culture Foundation, with multiple activities having already been held to positive reviews, including “Artist In-Factory Creations” and “Kaohsiung International Steel Carving Art Festival.” Moving forward, the foundation will continue to promote steel artistic creations to facilitate the development of the cultural arts in Taiwan.


Academic incentives

In 1975, in order to commemorate founder Mr. Chin-Tuei Hou, the “Mr. Chin-Tuei Hou Culture and Education Foundation” was established. The foundation aims to continue the good works of the late Mr. Hou, including his enthusiastic charity efforts and his spirit of helping newcomers to develop and flourish. Since its establishment, the fund has provided scholarships to young academic achievers who lack monetary support, with thousands of recipients having benefited from the assistance. Thanks to the changes in society as a whole, the scale of award recipients has been expanded and the “Chin-Tuei Hou Outstanding Honors Award” has been established. This award selects outstanding individuals who have contributed exceptional efforts and accomplishments across five major fields, including foundational science, material science, metallurgy, environmental protection, and eco-friendly construction. The aim is to incentivize an academic atmosphere and to cultivate good foundations in science and technology.

Specially focused donations

1. Donated funding support required to enable the Mennonite Christian Hospital to establish a medical institution.
2. Donated rebar needed to enable the Little Sisters of the Poor Hospital in Bali to rebuild its old hospital campus.
3. Donated funding support required to reconstruct the steel bridge for restoration of the Huwei Sugar Plant, a county-designated historical landmark in Yunlin County.
4. In response to the “Train of Happiness for Extension of Love” activity held annually by the accounting firm KPMG, donated computers to digital opportunity centers and social welfare agencies in remote regions.
5. Donated assistance for other major disaster relief efforts both domestically and internationally.

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