Miaoli Works

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General Manager : Ming-ChungLiu
Address: No. 22,Pingding, Erhu Vil., Xihu Township, Miaoli County 36842, Taiwan
Founded in 1991
Annual Capacity :
Steel Making : 1.0~1.2 million metric tons
 Rolling Mill : 0.8 million metric tons(H-Beam + Plate)

Taiwan’s first researched and developed U-Shaped Steel Sheet Piles

Six years ago, Tung Ho Steel established a special project team to pursue the research and development of U-Shaped Steel Sheet Piles. During this period, a series of strict product quality tests was conducted, and this year research and development of the new U-Shaped Steel Sheet Piles product finally achieved success, making Tung Ho Steel among only a handful of steelmakers around the world to develop steel sheet piles from steel scrap using electric furnaces.

Because of this product’s high strength, light weight, and good water resistance, it has been broadly applied in piers, levees and dams, retaining walls, and other projects. It offers exceptional advantages and cost-effectiveness in a variety of conditions including land subsidence prevention, earthquake resistance, environmental maintenance, projects involving sealing against water and water permeation, as well as in difficult disaster and emergency rescues.

Currently, the annual demand in Taiwan for U-Shaped Steel Sheet Piles is about 50,000 to 60,000 tons, with the majority imported from Japan. Moreover, this must be ordered three months in advance and the order process is time-consuming and complex. In the future, Tung Ho Steel will become one of the few large manufacturers worldwide to offer steel sheet piles, and future U-Shaped Steel Sheet Piles in Taiwan will no longer rely on foreign sources. This will benefit many domestic manufacturers.


Using steel scrap to produce new steel is the most environmentally friendly, renewable, and energy-conserving and CO2-reducing process of steel production

Steel structure processing site

一、Historical origins:
The Miaoli Works focuses on equipment improvements as well as optimization of production process management. We are on par with our industry peers in terms of production capacity, and we enjoy a good reputation in the industry for product quality.

两、 Production processes:
The steel structure site production flow is: Receiving steel plate materials → Assembly → Welding → Wing plate leveling → Welding bead rectification → Heat shaping → Inspection → Entry into warehouse.

Processing flow diagram

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